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Auto Transport Software

Software for the Auto Carrier Industry, Now featuring Yard Management / VIN Storage

Manage your auto hauling business with state-of-the-art software. Everyone including the drivers can benefit from real-time access to company shipping and tracking data which is tablet and mobile accessible.

Our latest module includes Yard Management. With this you will be able to handle any contract that comes your way. With full EDI integration communicating with companies like Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Porsche, and on and on is done with ease.

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Here at Advancing Data Resources, Inc. we take things seriously. Our specialty is data communications and software application development for the transportation and warehousing industries.

For more than 25 years, ADR has been providing communication and data storage solutions for enterprise level companies. With our robust award winning software, stringent guidelines, quick response times and international affiliations, we are continuing to provide the software and the channels necessary for safe and reliable business communication. From data to freight, shipping to tracking and email spam filtering to accounting, we have got your software needs covered. When its time to put your business in motion, let Advancing Data Resources Inc. provide the solutions while you watch the growth and efficiency of your business flourish.

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Part of our main goal is to strive to understand your business. We go through great lengths to ensure our product is compatible with your every need. With advanced system analysis techniques it has been proven time and time again that what we do, we do well;

Research is one of our specialties, experience is another. During our mission to provide solutions for your company, we will jump through hoops until we fully understand not only about your business needs but about your current business structure and what services it will take to accomplish the goals and milestones that your company is primed for. Once a full understanding of your needs and your goals has been reached, an unprecedented opportunity lies ahead for us to provide your company with a tight-fitting solution that will carry your business well into the future.

Stepping into the future Since 1985

Tired of poring over data and is it time for a change?

The integrity of business data is paramount to the success of your company. ADR data solutions can free up valuable time and increase productivity. If you are concerned about your data manageability maybe its time to take a shift to stabilize it for the future.

Control your enterprise with the stroke of a key;

Learn about small business to enterprise level solutions that will tame, control and even automate your product and data communication needs.

Around the clock support;

Our award winning product is guaranteed. Contact our resource and support center if you have any questions or need help with a product.

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