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California DT8 Plus

California's Distance Table 8

section iconCalculate the mileage between any points in the state of California.

DT8+ is designed for Businesses which need to know the mileage between any points in the state of California. Not only does this program calculate the mileage between single point-to-point distances, but keeps a running total for multiple point-to-point calculations. Trucking companies, Law Offices, Auto Towing, Banks, Recreationists, etc. will benefit from using DT8+. The list is endless!

California's Distance Table 8 Plus is the only program on the market with so many features like:

  • Over 17,500 Points.
  • Most California Zips.
  • Built on DT8's Constructive Mileages.
  • All California Cities.
  • All California MZ Zones.
  • All Points in the PUC's DT8 Book! (That's over 6,000 alone!)
  • Points Added Frequently.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Easy to Use.
  • One Year Free Support. 

California Distance Table 8 Plus is as easy as entering two points.

  • Use City Names, Zip Codes, MZ Zones, etc.
  • If you want to inquire, it's as easy as pressing the enter key. This will pop up the following screen. You can enter partial key which will index you into the screen at that location.
  • Pick from this window the point, press Enter, and presto! Your miles are displayed.