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EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

section iconOur role with EDI

ADR's Role with EDI

  • Interface with your trading partner.  We will work with your trading partner, developing, testing, and ironing out all requirements.  This keeps your company from having to hire an EDI expert to implement trading.
  • Acquire technical documentation.  You will need to give ADR a copy of your trading partners technical documentation.  This way, we will be "on the same page" with your trading partner.
  • Install software.  ADR will install all of our computer programs and setup all tables etc. on your computer system.
  • Train. ADR will train your computer staff on how to use and trouble shoot your new EDI system.
  • Support.  ADR has been doing this since 1985.  You will be able to call us if problems arise and we will be more than happy to help you.

Benefits of ADR's EDI

  • Easily Adaptable to Your Unique Needs. EDI Manager can be easily customized to your specific needs. Advancing Data Resources, Inc. has developed a variety of versions, using the ANSI standards of X.12.
  • Simple to Use. ADR's EDI Manager could not be easier. In fact, it is so easy once you get it configured with your computer system, you can set it to run in the middle of the night with no human intervention.  You will have years of trouble free operations.
  • Custom Programming is available to fit any of your trading partner needs. Custom programming is available to fit any version, old or new, of EDI which your trading partner might be using.
  • Paperless System. Using ADR's EDI Manager eliminates all of your data entry requirements. All information comes into and goes from your software electronically.
  • Automatic Link to your Open Systems Sales Order. Using ADR's EDI Manager gives you the ability to create Sales Order automatically. Imagine, bringing all of your orders electronically with NO data entry clerk entering the data, no errors in the translation. You can bill your orders from Sales Order using 810's to your customers all automatically. Very little human intervention is required.
  • Automatic Links to OSAS Purchase Orders. With other programs in the EDI Manager, you have the ability to create Purchase Orders automatically from Sales Orders. There is no limit to the number of Purchase Orders which you can create from a single Sales Order. Next, send your 850s to your vendors.
  • Custom Programming. Advancing Data Resources, Inc. maintains a staff of knowledgeable computer programmers.  This is what ADR does!
  • Technical Support. Advancing Data Resources, Inc. maintains a staff of knowledgeable support personnel to help with your computer software needs.
  • ADR interfaces with your trading partners.  No need to have EDI experts on staff.
  • Using ADR, you have the over 15 years of EDI experience.