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EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

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To Translate or Not to Translate...

If you already have a translator you are more than half the way there to interfacing your company's computer system with your trading partner. Most, if not all, translators have the ability to "export flat files" and "import flat files". This simply means your translator can create or read an ASCII data file to feed into your computer system or read out of your computer system. That is where ADR, Inc. comes in. We write the computer programs to read your "export flat files" and create orders in your computer system, or to create the "import flat files" to send to your translator.

If you do not have a translator, you will need to purchase one. Some of the translators we have interfaced with are: Sterling, Harbinger, Klineschmit and others.

Get technical documentation from your trading partner. Your trading partner will be able to supply you with technical documentation which will outline their requirements. We will need a copy the documentation so that we can program your interface as per the requirements of your trading partner.

Install interfaces. After you install your interfaces between your software, translator, and trading partner, you will need to start testing. This simply means running a parallel system until you are sure your new EDI system is working properly.

Go Live. After you have tested your new EDI system and you and your trading partner agree that all of the data is flowing, you will go live. After that, you will enjoy years of accurate data exchange with your trading partner.