Segment: PO3 Additional Item Detail
Position: 030
Loop: PO1 Mandatory
Level: Detail
Usage: Optional
Max Use: 25
Purpose: To specify changes to the original purchase order line item price, unit of measure and/or quantity.
Syntax Notes: 1 If PO304 is present, then PO305 is required.
  2 If PO306 is present, then PO307 is required.
Semantic Notes:
Comments: 1 This segment should contain price and/or quantity changes to the baseline data (PO1 segment). Some examples of price/quantity variations are: price in different units from the PO1 segment, price changes by date, or price changes by quantity (break and level).
Notes:   Example: 
Data Element Summary 
  Ref. Data
  Des. Element Name Attributes
M PO301 371 Change Reason Code M ID 2/2
  Code specifying the reason for price or quantity change
  QO    Quantity Ordered
  QT    Quantity Price Break
  UM    Unit of Measure Difference
  UP    Unit Price
  PO304 212 Unit Price O R 1/14
  Price per unit of product, service, commodity, etc.
    New unit price of material.  
Used when PO301 = 'QT' or 'UP'. 
The price is sent with a decimal point only when needed, e.g. $15.95 would be sent as "15.95", and $29.00 would be sent as "29". 
Maximum of eight whole digits and five decimal places.
  PO305 639 Basis of Unit Price Code X ID 2/2
  Code identifying the type of unit price for an item
    New Unit Price Basis associated to the New Unit Price identified in PO304. 
Used when PO301 = 'QT' or 'UP'. 
Note: The new unit price basis should be equivalent to the new unit of measure basis.
  Refer to 004010 Data Element Dictionary for acceptable code values.
M PO306 380 Quantity M R 1/10
  Numeric value of quantity
M PO307 355 Unit or Basis for Measurement Code M ID 2/2
  Code specifying the units in which a value is being expressed, or manner in which a measurement has been taken
    The new measurement code associated to the new quantity in PO306. 
  Refer to 004010 Data Element Dictionary for acceptable code values.
855I4010 (004010) November 3, 1999