856 Advance Ship Notice
Segment: REF Reference Identification
Position: 150
Loop: HL Mandatory
Level: Detail
Usage: Optional
Max Use: >1
Purpose: To specify identifying information
Syntax Notes: 1 At least one of REF02 or REF03 is required.
  2 If either C04003 or C04004 is present, then the other is required.
  3 If either C04005 or C04006 is present, then the other is required.
Semantic Notes: 1 REF04 contains data relating to the value cited in REF02.
Notes:   Example: 
REF*BM*Bill of Lading Number! 
REF*CN*Pro number! 
Data Element Summary 
  Ref. Data
  Des. Element Name Attributes
M REF01 128 Reference Identification Qualifier M ID 2/3
  Code qualifying the Reference Identification
  BM    Bill of Lading Number
  CN    Carrier's Reference Number (PRO/Invoice)
M REF02 127 Reference Identification M AN 1/30
  Reference information as defined for a particular Transaction Set or as specified by the Reference Identification Qualifier
    When REF01 = BM; Bill of Lading Number 
When REF01 = CN; PRO/Invoice Number

856I4010 (004010) February 18, 2000