856 Advance Ship Notice
Segment: N1 Name
Position: 220
Loop: N1 Optional
Level: Detail
Usage: Optional
Max Use: 1
Purpose: To identify a party by type of organization, name, and code
Syntax Notes: 1 At least one of N102 or N103 is required.
  2 If either N103 or N104 is present, then the other is required.
Semantic Notes:
Comments: 1 This segment, used alone, provides the most efficient method of providing organizational identification. To obtain this efficiency the "ID Code" (N104) must provide a key to the table maintained by the transaction processing party.
  2 N105 and N106 further define the type of entity in N101.
Notes:   Example: N1*ST*ARTHUR JONES*92*9012345918341!  
Data Element Summary 
  Ref. Data
  Des. Element Name Attributes
M N101 98 Entity Identifier Code M ID 2/3
  Code identifying an organizational entity, a physical location, property or an individual
  ST    Ship To
  N102 93 Name X AN 1/26
  Free-form name
    Ship-to Name  
  N103 66 Identification Code Qualifier X ID 1/2
  Code designating the system/method of code structure used for Identification Code (67)
  92    Assigned by Buyer or Buyer's Agent
  N104 67 Identification Code X AN 2/30
  Code identifying a party or other code
    Ship-to Number  

856I4010 (004010) February 18, 2000