856 Advance Ship Notice
Segment: HL Hierarchical Level
Position: 010
Loop: HL Mandatory
Level: Detail
Usage: Mandatory
Max Use: 1
Purpose: To identify dependencies among and the content of hierarchically related groups of data segments
Syntax Notes:
Semantic Notes:
Comments: 1 The HL segment is used to identify levels of detail information using a hierarchical structure, such as relating line-item data to shipment data, and packaging data to line-item data.
  The HL segment defines a top-down/left-right ordered structure.
  2 HL01 shall contain a unique alphanumeric number for each occurrence of the HL segment in the transaction set. For example, HL01 could be used to indicate the number of occurrences of the HL segment, in which case the value of HL01 would be "1" for the initial HL segment and would be incremented by one in each subsequent HL segment within the transaction.
  3 HL02 identifies the hierarchical ID number of the HL segment to which the current HL segment is subordinate.
  4 HL03 indicates the context of the series of segments following the current HL segment up to the next occurrence of an HL segment in the transaction. For example, HL03 is used to indicate that subsequent segments in the HL loop form a logical grouping of data referring to shipment, order, or item-level information.
  5 HL04 indicates whether or not there are subordinate (or child) HL segments related to the current HL segment.
Notes:   Example: HL*2**O!  
Data Element Summary 
  Ref. Data
  Des. Element Name Attributes
M HL01 628 Hierarchical ID Number M AN 1/12
  A unique number assigned by the sender to identify a particular data segment in a hierarchical structure
  HL02 734 Hierarchical Parent ID Number O AN 1/12
  Identification number of the next higher hierarchical data segment that the data segment being described is subordinate to
M HL03 735 Hierarchical Level Code M ID 1/2
  Code defining the characteristic of a level in a hierarchical structure
  O    Order

856I4010 (004010) February 18, 2000