856 Advance Ship Notice
Segment: SN1 Item Detail (Shipment)
Position: 030
Loop: HL Mandatory
Level: Detail
Usage: Optional
Max Use: 1
Purpose: To specify line-item detail relative to shipment
Syntax Notes: 1 If either SN105 or SN106 is present, then the other is required.
Semantic Notes: 1 SN101 is the ship notice line-item identification.
Comments: 1 SN103 defines the unit of measurement for both SN102 and SN104.
Notes:   Example: SN1**100*DP!  
Data Element Summary 
  Ref. Data
  Des. Element Name Attributes
M SN102 382 Number of Units Shipped M R 1/10
  Numeric value of units shipped in manufacturer's shipping units for a line item or transaction set
M SN103 355 Unit or Basis for Measurement Code M ID 2/2
  Code specifying the units in which a value is being expressed, or manner in which a measurement has been taken
  Refer to 004010 Data Element Dictionary for acceptable code values.
856I4010 (004010) February 18, 2000