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Global Moving Software - Household Goods and Freight Forwarding Module

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Advancing Data Resources, Inc.'s Global Moving Software consist of three main component modules. This section details the Household Goods Freight Forwarding Module.

See the section info and screenshots below to learn more about this versatile and friendly program.

  • Daily Work
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Letters
  • File Maintenance

Daily Work

Transactions (data entry), Billing (invoicing) and Update Costs of any movement


Straight Bill of Lading, Invoice, Invoice Supplemental Charge, Household Goods Bill of Lading and Freight Bill, Ocean Bill of Lading, Air Freight Booking Via Fax, Shipment Status Report and Dock Receipt


Trigger Report, Gross Profit, Unpaid Invoice, Tonnage, Agent Roster, Insurance Report, New Shipments, Unbilled Shipment State List, Country List, Route History, Aged Trial Balance History


Destination Agent, Origin Agent, Account is OA or DA, Insurance Letters, Other Letters. You can add your own custom letters to the menu as well.

File Maintenance

Maintain GMS Number, Use this to start your sequence numberg of movements, Routers, Tables and Various Data Containers, State Codes, and Country Codes



Update Cost

The two other complementary modules that complete the Global Moving Software package, is "Open Systems Accounting Software", and "Permanent Storage". Visit ADR's Permanent Storage and OSAS information pages to learn more, or visit for more information on OSAS.