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Clean Message - Email Spam Filtering

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CleanMessage provides Proven Proprietary Software Technology to protect your company from malicious Spam, Virus and Worm Infections, to keep your Electronic Communications Clean and Free from Contamination

            With CleanMessage you get…

  • Proprietary CleanMessage software and industry standard business communications protection systems
  • Fixed low monthly rates
  • Managed 24-hour protection from spam and virus infection, trojans, key loggers, phishing attacks and pornography
  • Flexible client-controlled email filtering
  • Client-controlled white list/black list access to captured emails
  • Constant technology review and system protection upgrades
  • Prevention of in-house server overload
  • Attack blockage before reaching your system
  • Intellectual property safeguards from contamination or infiltration
  • Clean network system operation, freeing your in-house IT support staff
  • Protection from lost employee productivity
  • Phone access to qualified CleanMessage IT professional tech support
  • Consistent flow of Clean Messages Everyday!
  • 25 years as a Proven Supplier